The World's First 3D Lava Lamp Screen-Saver!


LavaLamp3D is a one-of-a-kind screen saver/desktop toy which doesn't just play a boring video-loop, but actually simulates and renders a virtual lava lamp in real time with magical results. Because of this, LavaLamp3D will provide hours and hours of enjoyment and will never do the same thing twice. The foundation of LavaLamp3D is its physics engine which simulates hundreds of particles inside a lava lamp and all the physical effects which makes them move in an unpredictable, fluid, and beautiful way. These include heat transfer, buoyancy, viscosity, van-der-walls forces, and surface tension.

The calculations from the physics engine are then fed into a highly tuned graphics engine which draws the lava lamp in three dimensions, adds color and light, and allows the user to rotate, tilt, and move the lava lamp as if it were real. This is all topped off by a set of user-friendly controls which allow you to customize the colors, behaviors and other aspects of the lava lamp.

LavaLamp3D drew it's inspiration from the beauty of lava lamps, and is the result of four years of research and development, the use of sophisticated computer algorithms and countless hours spent reading about and observing real lava lamps. The outcome is a lava lamp that looks so real you won't believe your eyes. Enjoy!


+Run it as a screen saver or in a window on your desktop
+Looks and moves exactly like a real lava lamp
+State of the art physics and graphics engine
+Easy to use mouse and keyboard controls let you spin, tilt and move the lamp
+Allows you to change the color of the lava, liquid, lamp and background
+Rainbow mode makes the lava slowly fade through the spectrum of colors
+With heat mode, the lava will change color as it warms and cools
+Marble mode lets you see the individual lava particles
+Mesh mode gives a cool high-tech look
+Infinite ways to customize the physical properties of the lava
+Quick and easy installation

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